"Customers long to interact with — even relate to employees who act like there is still a light on"

-Chip Bell, Founder Chip Bell Group

I've always wanted to be a comedian, writer and an all round entertainer. When I figured I could wrap that up into a package all while helping someone accentuate their natural beauty and self confidence : Esthetician/lash artist came to mind!

When I look back at the start of my career, I can attribute my steady success in building a clientele to the keen focus I placed on making a genuine connection. This allowed me the necessary time to develop a skill to match the trust I established in my clients.. You can teach anyone skill , but customer service is MORE important than any certificate you get.


The bright side of you providing a bad service… OK there’s none.


I ask myself what I want my company to stand for. I don't just want to sell esthetic services- I want to make a difference in the lives of my clients and other budding entrepreneurs like me.